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Lockout Rehearsal Studio Service

West LA: 310-876-9666 / N Hollywood: 818-856-5301 / Las Vegas: 702-303-4094 / Office: 310-445-1151

1) The tenant(s)______________________________________________________ agrees to pay $_________ per month for said studio #________ on the first (1st) day of each month, with a grace period of five (5) days; to be paid by the fifth (5th) of each month. As of the sixth (6th) day of the month, a $20. late charge will be added to the monthly rent. A $5. charge will also be added for everyday of delinquent rent past the sixth (6th) day of the month. If rent plus all late fees due have not been paid by the fifteenth (15th) of any given month, TK Productions has the right to terminate said lease and/or enter said studio and legally confiscate all property within said studio and place into storage until all monies owed have been paid in full, including a $75. moving fee. A $35. per day fee will also be charged for storage of said property. If all monies owed have not been paid in full within a thirty (30) day period of the date of legal confiscation, TK Productions has the right to sell or discard of said property.

2) Rent Payments: Said studio must be paid for by check or money order (NO CASH), written out to: TK Productions, LLC. Put your room # on the check to insure credit to your room. There is a $35. fee for all returned checks. If said check bounces expect to pay all bank and late fees that have acquired during that period of time, via money order or cashier's check only. Drop rent payments into your designated drop slot or send via regular mail. Do not send rent payments via Certified Mail, it will only be returned to you. Mailing address: 1956 Cotner Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025

3) TK Productions Reserves the Right to Terminate Lease at Anytime Without Notice: If tenant is notified to vacate due to a breach of contract, said tenant's security deposit and any prorated rent will not be refunded.

4) Communication: At all times TK Productions must have your current phone number and Email address on file. Inform your manager of any change to either immediately. If you are contacted by a representative of TK Productions, you must respond immediately. Lack of communication will not be tolerated. If management communications are ignored, management will be forced take action regarding any given situation without your input.

5) Living on Premises is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. This includes sleeping in a vehicle and occupying said studio during awake hours. It is a violation of law to live within a commercial property. Do not store bedding materials within said studio; this includes mattresses, oversized couches, blankets, sheets and pillows of any kind. The storage of clothing, food, cooking apparatus and any personal hygiene items are also strictly prohibited. TK Productions has the right to discard of all for mentioned items at any time without notice within said practice space. If any persons are caught sleeping within said studio, this lease shall be immediately terminated without return of prorated rent and/or security deposit. TK Productions reserves the right to enter & inspect said studio at any time without prior notice. Tenant is not permitted to bar and/or block entry into or halt inspection of said studio at anytime. Do not have mail sent to the studio address. Said studio must be used for music rehearsal only. NO LIVE INS, NO PETS, NO PARTIES. This is a rehearsal studio, not a living space, not a club. Keep the atmosphere PRO & CLEAN.

6) Weapons Strictly Prohibited: In order to maintain a safe and professional studio atmosphere, weapons of any kind are prohibited on the premises. This includes fire arms, gun clips, ammunition, explosives, knives, swords, throwing stars, brass knuckles, baseball bats, etc. TK Productions has the right to discard of all for mentioned items at any time without notice within said practice space and/or inform law enforcement of such illegal storage.

7) Illegal Activity: It is strictly prohibited to store, sell, grow or manufacture controlled substances on the premises. This includes marijuana, narcotics, chemicals, pills, etc. The following items are also strictly prohibited: Safes, cabinets or boxes that include a locking mechanism, scales, pill bottles, baggies, vacuum sealing machines, grow lamps, etc. TK Productions has the right to discard of all for mentioned items at any time without notice within said practice space and/or inform law enforcement of such illegal activity.

8) Fire Code: When leaving your studio, be sure to turn off ALL lights, equipment, computers, heaters, dehumidifiers, power strips, etc. Do not overload power strips or place near loose flammable materials. When attaching sound deadening materials to the walls, ensure they are fire retardant. Do not block hallways with your property, including bicycles, cases, equipment, etc. The following items are prohibited within said studio: candles, incense, flammable fluids, large butane or propane lighters, matches, etc. TK Productions has the right to discard of all for mentioned items at any time without notice within said practice space.

9) Keep Your Studio Clean: To avoid attracting rodents and insects, keep your room free of leftover/open food items, miscellaneous trash, etc. Keep your practice space neat and free of clutter to avoid creating places for unwanted pests to hide and nest. Be sure your trash can is lined with a plastic bag, covered and emptied often.

10) Do Not Damage Your Studio: Absolutely no writing, painting or stickers on the hallway side of your studio door. If your door needs repainted due to the last sentence, you will be charged with the repair. In order to avoid damage to the walls, door and ceiling of the inside of said studio, do not attach sound tiles, posters, stickers, hooks, bulletin boards, etc with strong adhesives or create holes. Painting or renovating the inside of said studio by a professional contractor may be acceptable if written permission is given by your location manager.

11) Respect Common Areas: Clean up after yourself when using restrooms. Do not litter the hallways and parking lots with cigarette butts or trash. Do not leave your property in the hallways. If something is spilled or dropped, clean it up. Throw all larger trash in the outside dumpster. Do not graffiti or sticker inside/outside the premises. No loitering in the hallways or parking lots. Smoke outdoors as not to annoy others. Please respect the studio and all tenants within.

12) Always Keep Exterior Doors (Outside Doors) Closed, Latched and Locked at ALL Times: If your band/crew members do not have keys, provide them with keys. If you are waiting to meet someone, make arrangements to meet outside. DO NOT prop the outside door open & go back into your studio. If you notice an outside door is open and unattended, close it. The security of everyone's equipment & safety relies on this premise.

13) Co-Tenants, Subtenants and Guests are the Full Responsibility of the Lease Holder(s): Do not bring a negative outside element into the studio premises. Tenant is responsible for the actions of any/all persons invited into our rehearsal facilities by said tenant. It is the responsibility of the tenant to inform and explain ALL the rules and regulations within this lease to co-tenants, subtenants and guests. Any damage caused by tenant and/or company of the tenant to the building, is the sole financial responsibility of the tenant. TK Productions is not liable for any and all activities within said studio.

14) Parking: You may utilize our parking areas only while rehearsing at our facilities. Any vehicle/trailer left unattended overnight shall be towed at owner's expense. Please abide by all signs that may be posted to avoid having your vehicle removed. Conducting vehicle repairs in our parking areas is prohibited. Do not leave food trash in parking areas after eating in your vehicle. Alcoholic beverages and/or sleeping in the parking areas is also strictly prohibited.

15) Noise Bleed: The door of your studio must remain closed at all times while playing music within said practice space. Our individual studios are not completely sound proofed. Do not bother, complain or leave written notes to other studio tenants about their music being too loud. It is the right of all of our studio tenants to express their music as loud as they desire at anytime.

16) Changing of Studio Locks: If you need your room locks changed for whatever reason, contact us & we will change the locks for you. This service will cost you $50. Do not put your own locks on under any circumstances. If we need to remove your unauthorized locks, you will be charged for the locksmith service plus the additional $50. service charge. If you need a replacement key for an existing lock, this service will also cost you $50.

17) Room Transfers: If tenant decides to transfer from one practice space to another, there is a fee of $100. for this service. Before said transfer can occur, all delinquent rent/past late fees must be paid in full, damages repaired, room cleaned and keys returned.

18) Maintenance Issues: Under no circumstances will free rental time be given due to any maintenance issues including: renovations, leaking roof, leaking walls, broken plumbing, broken doors, broken air conditioning units, electrical issues, etc. Call our office & we will handle any given problem as soon as possible. If existing carpet or fixtures within said studio are damaged for whatever reason, TK Productions is not required to replace. Replacement of burned out light bulbs is the sole responsibility of the tenant.

19) Unforeseen Damage: In case of fire, flood, rain, earthquake, or any unforeseen "Act of God" that may cause damage to your property (this includes broken plumbing, over flowing toilets, a leaking roof, power outage, etc.), TK Productions is in no way liable regardless the circumstances. We do not carry insurance for your equipment/property. If this is a concern of yours, we suggest you buy your own insurance to cover your gear/property in case of unforeseen damage caused under the above circumstances.

20) Theft: In case your room is broken into and your property is stolen, TK Productions is in no way liable regardless the circumstances. We do not carry insurance for your equipment/property. If this is a concern of yours, we suggest you buy your own insurance to cover your gear/property in the event of theft.

21) Holding Deposit: Under the following circumstances your security deposit becomes non-refundable: If you paid a security deposit in order to hold and move into one of our practice spaces then later decide not to move in, you agree that your full security deposit will not be returned. The moment you inform us that you have "changed your mind" the security deposit paid has now become a holding deposit lost. If a lease and/or addendum were signed, you agree to abide by the full terms of said agreements.

22) Proper Notice to Vacate: This lease is a month-to-month agreement unless a separate addendum to stay for a longer period of time was signed. In order to properly vacate from said studio, tenant must submit a thirty (30) day written notice to vacate complete with the lease holder's signature and send a phone text confirmation of said notice to your location manager within the first five days of any given month. (Any note written on a check or money order is not an acceptable form of proper written notice to vacate). If notice and/or text confirmation was given after the fifth (5th) of the month, tenant must wait until the following month to give proper notice: NO EXCEPTIONS. This lease agreement runs from the first through the last day of the month, ending only on the last day of the final month. If proper notice is not given, said tenant will be held financially responsible for any money lost by TK Productions during that period of time, within said studio. If a separate longer lease term agreement was signed, be sure the full obligation of that agreement was met. DO NOT SEND YOUR NOTICE TO VACATE VIA CERTIFIED MAIL. Drop your notice in the designated drop slot or send via regular mail to the address listed above. WARNING: If tenant does not complete the lease term and/or make good on any money owed, the debt will be reported to all current credit rating agencies.

23) Security Deposit Deductions: Any damages to said studio and/or cleaning fees will be deducted from your security deposit. Be sure to remove all furniture, equipment, fixtures and miscellaneous items from said studio. Do not leave your unwanted trash on studio grounds or on our neighbor's property. You will be charged $75. for the removal of each large item left behind. Any past late fees owed during the full term of your lease will also be deducted from your security deposit. If all your keys are not returned by 11:59 pm on the final day of your lease, you will be charged a $50. key replacement fee.

24) Return of Security Deposit: Your security deposit cannot be used toward your last month's rent under any circumstance. If you are unable to pay your last months rent in full, you agree to vacate said studio before the unpaid month begins and forfeit your full security deposit. Provided all the following items have been handled properly: Proper notice to vacate was given, all monies owed have been paid in full, there is no damage to said studio, the room has been properly cleaned, you have moved out by the last day of your last month, and all keys have been returned in the designated drop slot on time along with your name, mailing address, phone number and Email address, your full security deposit will be returned to you within a twenty one (21) day period.

3311 Meade Ave is a NON-SMOKING facility, my party & I agree not smoke inside the premises.

To print a copy of our lease Click here.