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Moving out & you want your full Security Deposit Back?

No Problem!

Just follow the instructions below listed on your lease:

1. GIVE PROPER NOTICE: You must give written notice by the 5th (not the 6th, not the 7th etc.) of any given month to move out by the last day of that month. If you give notice after the 5th, you are responsible for the next month as well. NO EXCEPTIONS! If a separate longer lease term agreement was signed, be sure the full obligation of that agreement was met. (DO NOT SEND YOUR NOTICE TO VACATE VIA CERTIFIED MAIL).

2. SECURITY DEPOSIT CANNOT BE USED FOR LAST MONTH'S RENT: You must pay your last month's rent when you hand in your notice. If you cannot afford to pay your last month's rent, you must move out immediately (before the 1st) & you forfeit your security deposit. In this situation, you still have to comply with the rest of this list to insure not being reported to the current credit agencies for any money owed.

3. MAKE SURE THERE IS NO DAMAGE: Are there holes in your walls? Did you do an unprofessional paint job? Did you get paint on our ceiling, door, outlets or light switches, etc? Is there graffiti or markings anywhere in the room? Did you tear down sound proofing that you glued up & left a big mess on the walls? Is our carpet destroyed? All these things must be taken care of, if not we have to hire someone to do it for you. (Note: use only use our "TK Gray" semi-gloss paint from Vista Paint (code for proper paint at the bottom of this page), do a professional job . (Any constructive work you did to the room can stay if the manager approves).

4. CLEAN UP YOUR STUDIO: Is your room a mess? Throw away all trash, vacuum/sweep the floor, and remove all furniture or useless fixtures. If we have to remove furniture, etc. from your studio or the surrounding property, this will cost you $75. Per item. Do not leave couches, etc. in the parking lot or on our neighbor's properties, take them with you when you leave.

5. RETURN ALL YOUR KEYS ON TIME: On or before the last day of your final month (not the 1st, not the 2nd, etc.) make sure all keys for your studio & the building are returned in the designated mail slot where you pay your rent. If they are returned late you will be charged a $50. key replacement fee.

6. GET US THE INFO WE NEED TO GET YOU YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT BACK TO YOU: When you drop off your keys in the designated mail slot, please give us the following current information: *Room Number *Full Name *Mailing Address *E-mail Address *Phone Number. Put this info & keys into an envelope marked with your studio # to insure prompt return of your security deposit.

7. Any past late fees owed during the FULL TERM OF YOUR LEASE will be deducted from your security deposit.

We know that most people do the right things when moving out but this list makes things very clear & easy. We appreciate you & your project rehearsing here at TK Productions & we want you back when you're ready. Call your location manager with any questions you might have during your move out. Thank You!

***Vista Paint / "TK Grey" Paint Code***

West LA 310-876-9666 / N Hollywood: 818-856-5301 / Las Vegas: 702-303-4094

TK Productions * * 310-445-1151

To print a copy of our move out instructions Click here.