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Welcome to the
BEST & LARGEST Rehearsal Studio Facilities in Southern California & Nevada

Let us tell you why we are the best in the biz...

*Multiple Locations *Hundreds Of Private Rehearsal Rooms
*Small Drum Studios *Control Room Spaces *ISO Booth Spaces
*Medium Jam Rooms *Large Stage rooms *Any Size Studios to fit your Needs & Budget *ALL our facilities are 100% Air Conditioned
*24 Hour Access *On Call Managers *Month to Month Leases
*Utilities Included *Pro & Clean *Janitorial Serviced
*Involvement with our Studio & Live Promotional Events

3 Types Of Rooms Now Available
Practice Studios, Control Room Studios, ISO Booth Studios
Practice StudioPractice Studio
Control Room StudioControl Room Studio
Booth StudioBooth Studio

When rehearsing at TK Studios, your area manager will always try to answer any questions to help you with your musical goals. Scroll down to learn more about each of our Lockout Studio locations:


If you are tired of moving your gear & the time restraints of hourly rehearsal, you've come to the right place. We offer you your own lockout studio you can rehearse in anytime: *24 hours a day *7 days a week *365 days a year. You get your own keys to the building & to your individual studio, come whenever you like. Create your own vibe by setting up your room to your specifications. Make an awesome personal space that’s conducive to creating great music. Lockout Studios start at $290 per month & go up from there. Pricing depends on the size of the space & the location, the security deposit on any room is equal to one month's rent. To view a copy of our month to month lease click on "lease" below.

Control Room
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Producer Station
This could be your studio

Many of the more well known acts that rehearse at our studios want some privacy from the main public. This is why we do not print our location addresses on our web sites. You must call the location manager to get the exact address & make an appointment to check out our available rooms. We look forward to hearing from you.



All of our locations are now completely renovated:
* Fresh Paint * New Carpeting * Bathrooms Refinished * Track Lighting * Solid Management * Weekly Clean-up Crew. It is important to us that all of our tenants have a clean, secure, professional environment to rehearse in. Come down & check ‘em out!

LOS ANGELES, CA Rehearsal Studios

*WEST LA Studios

Phone #: 310-876-9666
Manager: Troy Zeigler
Location: Santa Monica & Sepulveda
Hours: 24/7

Small rooms here start at $350 per month & go up from there. The largest rooms at our WLA facilities run at $1500 per month, usually rented to record companies for artist development. Don't worry though, we have a studio to fit your needs & price range. Check with our WLA manager for sizes, prices & availabilities. This is where it all got started, our very 1st studio was opened here many moons ago. The West LA location is the flagship of our operation, housing numerous individual studios. At any given time, there are so many musicians in the alley way surrounding our facilities that the local businesses around us affectionately refer to this area as "TK Town".

Studio Hallway


Phone #: 818-856-5301
Manager: Charles Rodriguez
Location: Sherman Way & Laurel Canyon
Hours: 24/7

Valley rehearsal spaces at this location start at $290 per month. You can get a room priced anywhere in between to fit your rehearsal needs. Check with our NoHo manager for sizes, prices & availabilities. This complex houses numerous individual studios. Our facility is located on Vose St. where many music related businesses also exist. This area is well known as "Studio Row" amongst the music community.

Booth Studio

CLARK COUNTY, NV Rehearsal Studios

*LAS VEGAS Studios

Phone #: 702-303-4094
Manager: Kenny James
Location: Desert Inn & Valley View
Hours: 24/7

Rehearsal rooms at our Vegas facility start at $250 per month & go up from there. We have all different sizes to chose from, if available of course. Check with our LV manager for sizes, prices & availabilities. This 2 story building houses numerous individual studios. We are located only 1 mile from the Las Vegas Strip, you can actually see a perfect view of the Stratosphere Tower from some of our 2nd story rooms. This building used to be the LV Home offices for broadcasting giant NBC. Many in the biz refer to this building as "The Glass House" because the facade of this beautiful facility is finished in all tinted glass panels.

sound board