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A little TK Girl History

It was just 6 months after the birth of our company that the 1st TK Girl graced the small print ads we were running at the time. We quickly realized that these beautiful, lovely smiles were drawing attention to our advertisements, thus bringing in more business. Since then we have photographed hundreds of beautiful young women for our ongoing TK Girl campaign.

Throughout the 90s & early 2000s, we threw huge events featuring MCs, Live Music & of course the main attraction; our TK Girl Contests. These ads & events were so highly successful that some of the girls went on to do bigger & better things within the business. For example: some were chosen to do work in video shoots, print work, motion picture rolls, promotional events, dance groups, TV work, reality shows, commercials, modeling contracts, etc.

TK Girl / Lynne Michelle
TK girl Jill
TK Girl / Jill

To this day we still run our TK Girl campaign with much success. Along with our print ads, the internet has really taken over as our main source of advertising giving our company & the girls much more exposure. We are proud to continue to help many of our lovely ladies get their careers started by displaying their images & personalities to the public & industry at large. We would also like to thank each & every one of them for helping our business to continue to grow for over 20 years.

You can also checkout our other TK models by viewing our online photo gallery.

TK Girl / Dominique
TK Productions
TK Girl / Cheyenne